You've reached the portfolio site of Teresa Rolt. I'm a GTA-based designer with experience in interactive and print media. I'm good at brainstorming new ideas, I work well with others, and I enjoy a good belly laugh now and again.

Since 1995 I have worked with both large-scale clients and small companies, as an independent designer and as a part of larger creative teams. My experience includes brand development, advertising, corporate collateral, campaigns, retail, web design and more! I'm excited to discuss new design opportunities so connect with me and lets get started! {MORE ABOUT TERESA}


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This fictional project involved developing a marketing plan for a tween audience, creation of a sitemap, wireframes, logo design & naming, mood boards, full site design and complete web development.

The image to the left is the mood board for the site.

{see the finished work}

If you would like to speak to me regarding a design opportunity, I can be reached here:
teresa (at) trolt (dot) ca or call 416 889-2756
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